Our field of activity consists of a wide range of electrical works

High-voltage electrical installations

High- voltage works are normally considered to be an external power supply and a power supply systems for a building or facility. It includes distribution centers, protection systems, electrical heating, and various external construction projects.

  • Installing, connecting and renovating electric chambers and electricity meters.
  • Adding, exchanging, marking, grouping, connecting fuses, switches, timers, relays.
  • Installation of meters.
  • Connecting household appliances and electrical equipment to the electrical grid (washing machines, dishwashers, electric cookers, saunas, electric water heaters).
  • Cabling, installation, and repair of power cables, installation and commissioning of new electrical wiring or old replacement, construction of external networks, installation of cable trunks and cable trays.
  • Installation of sockets, switches, wiring switches and dimmers.
  • Installation, connection, and exchange of luminaires and light sources. Luminaire tracks and bays installation.
  • Installing heating cables for electric floor heating, rain gutters, stairs and walkways.
  • Potential bonding ground, ground installation, lightning protection.
  • Temporary electrical installation, temporary electrical switchboards, temporary lighting installation, automation cabling works.
  • Electrical safety.

Low-voltage electrical installations

Low-voltage work involves a variety of electrical work. Among others, low-voltage works include automation and cabling services for communication and computer networks, technical security, and fire detection systems.

  • Automation and cabling.
  • Construction of DALI systems (remote control for luminaires).
  • Computer, telephone and tv networks, ATS (Automatic Fire Alarm System), security systems.

Electrical installation design

In accordance with the Electrical Safety Act in force in Estonia, if the construction or renovation work requires a change in the electrical system, electrical installation design must be the primary and fundamental step to continue any further work.

Every electrical installation requires careful planning, so we can ensure the safety and energy efficiency of the equipment, its deployment, and use.

Documentation and measurements

Exact documentation is essential for every electrical work. For the completed or refurbished electrical system to be used, all technical conditions, safety requirements and legislation must be met and documented accordingly.

  • Inspection, repair, maintenance and alignment of electrical installations.
  • Introduction of safety documentation.
  • Electrical Installation Certificate, Declaration of Conformity, Certificate of Compliance, Drawings, Work Draft.
  • Mapping of electrical installations, wiring, and layout diagrams.
  • Electrotechnical and light measurements.
  • Measurement protocols.
  • Audit.

Electrical equipment

Our selection includes practically all electrical goods that are needed to perform electrical work: from sockets to large cable lines and generators, and according to the customer’s needs, we assemble and deliver all the necessary materials to the site as well.

  • Electric cables
  • Generators
  • Solar parks
  • Electrical installation materials