VISIONOur vision

Our vision is to offer a high-quality service in accordance with the law by carrying out electrical work among the best in the field. We want to make our contribution and cover Estonian households, offices, factories and commercial premises with safe and convenient electrical solutions, which are all carried out and checked by the experts.

High-voltage electrical installations

High- voltage works are normally considered to be an external power supply and a power supply systems for a building or facility. It includes distribution centers, protection systems, electrical heating, and various external construction projects.

Low-voltage electrical installations

Low-voltage work involves a variety of electrical work. Among others, low-voltage works include automation and cabling services for communication and computer networks, technical security, and fire detection systems.

Electrical installation design

In accordance with the Electrical Safety Act in force in Estonia, if the construction or renovation work requires a change in the electrical system, electrical installation design must be the primary and fundamental step to continue any further work.

Documentation and measurements

Exact documentation is essential for every electrical work. For the completed or refurbished electrical system to be used, all technical conditions, safety requirements and legislation must be met and documented accordingly.

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