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It is certainly important that the electrical panel is neat and of high quality, especially when it comes to customers. Here are some reasons why this is important:

1. Security: A properly constructed and high-quality switchboard ensures the safety of customers. This will help prevent electric shock, fire or other dangerous situations.

2. Reliability: A high-quality switchboard ensures a stable and reliable power supply. This reduces the risk of errors and breakdowns and ensures a smooth working environment for customers.

3. Compliance with regulations: A properly installed and high-quality switchboard meets all applicable electrical safety and construction requirements. This will help you avoid fines and problems with the law.

4. Longevity: A high-quality switchboard is more durable and lasts longer. This means less maintenance and repair work and less disruption to customers.

5. Customer Service: When customers have problems or questions about the switchboard, you can provide them with better service and support if you have a properly documented and high-quality switchboard.

All in all, a proper and high-quality switchboard ensures customer safety, reliability, compliance with regulations, longevity and better customer service. I always recommend investing in a proper electrical panel to ensure the best results and customer satisfaction. If you have more specific questions or need more information, I’m always ready to help!

Residual current protection is an important device that helps protect us from electrical safety hazards. Its main purpose is to detect and interrupt the circuit when a fault current occurs, which can be dangerous to human health and property safety.

Residual current protection is especially important for equipment and electrical systems intended for use in damp or moisture-sensitive environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors. If a leakage current occurs, which may be caused by, for example, damage to the electrical equipment, a defect in the wiring, or human contact with electricity, the residual current protection reacts quickly and interrupts the current, thereby preventing the occurrence of electric shock or fire.

In addition to the fact that residual current protection protects us from dangerous situations of electric shock and fire, it is also required by law in many countries, including Estonia. This means that the installation of residual current protection is a mandatory requirement for electrical systems and equipment to ensure that they are safe and compliant with current regulations and standards.

In general, it can be said that residual current protection is necessary in our daily life to ensure the safe use of electricity and to avoid dangerous situations. Its installation and regular maintenance is important to ensure its efficient operation and our own safety.


A surge arrester is an electronic device designed to protect electrical equipment and the electrical system from overvoltage. Surge can occur for various reasons, such as lightning, voltage fluctuations in the electrical network, or improperly connected equipment.

Overvoltage can be dangerous to both equipment and people. If an electrical device is exposed to overvoltage, it can cause serious damage such as short circuit, overheating or even explosion. In addition, surges can also affect the electrical system as a whole, causing breakdowns and outages.

A surge protector is necessary because it helps prevent such dangerous situations. If the surge voltage exceeds the specified limit, the arrester will automatically turn itself on and protect the device or system from overvoltage. This may include, for example, creating a short circuit or grounding an overvoltage.

Surge arresters are important in various fields, including homes, offices, industrial facilities, and medical devices. They help ensure the safety of electrical equipment and extend its life. In addition, surge arresters help reduce the risk of power outages and protect the electrical system as a whole.

In summary, a surge arrester is a necessary electronic device that helps protect electrical equipment and the electrical system from overvoltage. This ensures safety, extends the life of equipment and reduces the risk of power outages and breakdowns. It is important to install and maintain barriers according to the instructions and to consult a specialist if necessary.